Glory League gives club basketball players a chance to feel like NBA stars. This interactive app innovates in the area of reliving the game after it has been played. 

Founder Louis Gordon-Latty secured funding from local investors and based himself at the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco for three months with the support of ecentre. Now, he's confident working in the US and has connected with investors there while continuing to grow his business. 

Gordon-Latty, was inspired by his frustration that once the game was over the game was over. He wanted to create a way for basketball players young and old to watch the game back over after they had played.

Two years ago Louis came to the ecentre in search of advice, mentoring and investment assistance. He had already begun development on Glory League but was seeking validation for his startup. He went through our 4 week Sprint program and was then put in touch with investors, the rest is history. To find out more about how the Sprint program can fast track you to investment go here.

Apps for score tracking do exist today but they are clumsy and serve only one function plus they tend to be over-complicated score boarding applications that kids would struggle to understand. What Louis set out to do was to create an all in one solution for basketballers to be able to feel as well informed as an NBA player as possible – including replays, commentary, basketball cards, scoreboards, and play-by-play management.

Glory League has recently signed up Basketball NZ as its largest customer to date. The company is developing its product offering which caters for the passionate amateur basketballer, as well as basketball supporters, funders, and clubs.

The way Glory League works is quite simple, it makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. But that is often the case with great ideas. Louis explains “our autonomous, court-mounted camera films the game, and then game data is captured on our tablet-based scoring system. After the game, players can relive the glory online with video replays and player statistics.” There is even potential for basketball coaches to implement this tool into their training regime.

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Check out Louis Gordon-Letty's interview with Radio LIVE.


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