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Startup Workshops: Design Thinking for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

  • ecentre Gate 5, Oaklands Road, Massey University Albany New Zealand (map)

Design thinking provides a process for problem-solving that focuses on better understanding customer needs. For innovators and entrepreneurs, these processes -- especially when combined with lean startup methods -- can lead to better products, services and customer experiences.

Find out how companies have used design thinking to successfully drive innovation -- along with case studies of companies that *should* have put design thinking into practice. 

This session is presented by Dr Aruna Shekar, Innovator-in-Residence at ecentre. She has taught Product Innovation at Massey University for more than 24 years and has coordinated student + industry product development projects. Her focus is on fostering creative problem-solving. She is a Foundation Board member of the Product Development & Management Association in New Zealand ( Aruna is Vice President (Asia-Pacific) for PDMA-USA.

Aruna's words of wisdom: "Innovation and entrepreneurial skills are at the heart of any organisation. The exciting, fast-paced nature of new products/services, the success stories and the strong people-focus continue to keep me involved and engaged in the field. I believe in helping people develop innovative skills and shape the future by creating a platform for them to achieve great things."

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