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Startup Toolkit Series: Funding your Startup with Private and Grant Funding

Are you seeking funding for your idea or early stage business? Do you know when and how to approach private investors? Do you know what Government funding is available for startups and how to access it?

This seminar will answer these and other questions. Presented by an expert in this area and with an interactive session so you can ask your own questions.

The ecentre Startup Toolkit Series will give you all the tools and advice you need to develop and launch your business. Topics cover everything from selecting a good idea through to scaling the business.

The ecentre presents a series of workshops on different tools for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business or founders wanting to grow an existing startup and with global ambition.
Expert speakers are chosen with knowledge and experience of the topic to provide insights and to answer questions. The purpose is to inform and support entrepreneurs, business founders and small business owners who are seeking to grow their business. Participants are encouraged to bring their own questions and challenges.
These sessions introduce participants to the support available through ecentre investor club, ecentre global business incubator partners, Massey University, ATEED, Callaghan Innovation, NZTE, local business associations and the Microsoft BizSpark Programme.