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Startup Toolkit Series: IP Strategy and Protection

All startups have intangible assets and many have intellectual property (IP). Identifying, valuing and protecting these assets is the topic of this Startup Toolkit, presented by specialist IP strategy firm Everedge Global's Michael Masterson.

Intangible assets include your brand, software, IP, customer database, relationships, licences, supply agreements, networks and so on. Often these assets are key to your differentiation or your competitiveness in the market -- and a key consideration for investors undertaking due diligence on the value of your business.

What types of intangible assets are there? When is intellectual property worth protecting and how do you do it? How much can you do yourself and when do you need professional advice? What IP is there in software and what is the impact of cloud services on IP protection?

These questions and more will be answered at the Startup Toolkit session. There will also be time to ask your own questions.

The presenter at this seminar is Michael Masterson. Michael has founded a number of successful startups and helped turn around two mid-sized companies in logistics and consumer goods. He is on the board of several private companies and a law firm. Michael has wide international networks and a highly respected ability to critically evaluate innovations and business opportunities from a commercial perspective. He is currently deputy Global CEO at a specialist IP strategy firm, Everedge Global.

Do You have a great business idea? Not sure how to take it to the next level?
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