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The Future of Now

  • B:HIVE Smales Farm 72 Taharoto Rd Smales Farm Takapuna New Zealand (map)

For more than 50 years, humans have been expanding the potential of future technology – designing software, systems and devices to increase efficiency, solve problems and ultimately, build better lives.

But if we are to compare today’s technology to that expected in the next three to five years, the so-called transformative ‘paper to desktop’ era of the last 20 years is simply the beginning of our technology journey.

Today, the next wave of disruption – the dawn of General AI, nanobots, the internet-of-things, cryptocurrencies and blockchain – is imminent, and is set to change everything we know about technology and its place in our world.

In fact, ideas once coined ‘futuristic’ are already here – and they’re rapidly changing the face of business.

But are New Zealand businesses truly ready for the magnitude of change expected over the next few years? Are they prepared to ride the next wave of technological disruption? Or will they miss the opportunities of an exciting but unpredictable new world?

Keran McKenzie is futurist in residence at MYOB and is fascinated by new technology and how it is transforming the way we live, work and play. His role involves looking at the current and future trends in technology, and how they can be developed to benefit Australasia’s businesses, both small and large.

Join him for a conversation about the latest technology businesses are adopting and how business owners can embrace the change this wave of disruption is bringing.

Ecentre are thrilled to bring you this upcoming speaker session in collaboration with our partners MYOB, Smales Farm and Grow North.