All Space Set to Disrupt the Storage Industry


Uber and Airbnb changed the game in the taxi and accommodation industries by making inaccessibility obsolete through shared economy. Now All Space is taking on the storage industry from its base in New Zealand. The new accessible and affordable platform allows you to store your things or rent out your unused space with ease.

The New Zealand startup is passionate about revolutionising the way we view storage. By making it easier to locate space, connect with hosts, compare and book at the click of a button, they effortlessly meet residential, professional and boat storage needs. Additionally, the platform enables Kiwis to make a profit with their unused space. With a clean, user-friendly interface and attention to the needs of both renters and hosts, All Space strives to make partnership seamless and bring a human quality to an otherwise impersonal industry.

Myriam Jenni, the startup’s marketer, said that “All Space is an idea born from our own struggles finding easy, flexible and affordable storage solutions, especially in New Zealand.” During her travels, Myriam sometimes needed to store her things and could not find a space quickly and at a reasonable price. Commercial storage facilities typically charge high monthly fees and do not provide enough flexibility. Myriam thought, “wouldn’t it be great if someone would let me pay them to store my things?” This was the birth of All Space.

Elena Stanovova, the company’s CEO, sees benefits for both hosts and renters from New Zealand’s local communities. She points out that “just a decade ago, few thought that spending a night at a stranger’s house was a good idea. Nowadays, thanks to players like Airbnb and Uber, the mentality around shared economy is rapidly changing, and we want to apply that to storage as well.”

Ivan Ignat, All Space’s CTO said that “one of the most important tasks that we have is promoting trust between our hosts and renters.” This is a challenge that the team was eager to take on. One way of doing this, Ivan said, “is to create a platform where users get to know each other beyond just an online profile. We achieve this by having a strict real name verification policy. Renters can also leave reviews about the hosts and vice versa.”

These innovators are changing the way Kiwis think about how they store their belongings. All Space completed the ecentre Sprint programme and continue to work closely with the team and mentors, we can’t wait to see what they are going to do with this concept.

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