ecentre Resident Start Up Profile: Squawk Squad


Social enterprise venture Squawk Squad has tapped into New Zealanders’ passion for conservation. And with their digitally connected traps, they are actively engaging people in the protection of native birdlife.

The team will provide sensor-enabled predator traps to three bird sanctuaries in New Zealand, following a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw them shoot past their original goal of NZ$20,000.

A good thing

Squawk Squad joined ecentre’s Sprint Programme after winning Startup Weekend in November 2016. Team members  continued developing their idea using lean start up methodologies, market validation tools and customer profiling. Following the Sprint Programme, they quickly realised they were on to something special and worth pursuing.

Currently, Fraser McConnell, team lead; Alex Hannon, lead engineer; and Morgan McConnell, sales and marketing, are based full time at ecentre. Through a Kickstarter campaign, they team reached their original goal of $20,000 in just 11 days, then went went on to top more than $70,000. Funders will now help to determine where to deploy the initial predator traps. The traps have sensors that provide real-time notifications to sponsors when the trap activates.

Environmentally engaged

Ultimately, Squawk Squad wants to make New Zealand the most environmentally engaged country in the world, and ecentre is proud to help support them on their journey.

Find out more about social enterprise Squawk Squad here.