Get ready for Impact 2018: Kick off event features NZ tech industry change agents

Everybody wants to make an impact in the world -- but the enormity of the task sometimes makes it difficult to know where to start. Through the Impact Challenge 2018, we're bringing together the Massey University community to take steps toward solving global problems while using new and emerging technologies.

The Impact Challenge 2018 is a two-day long hackathon set for the end of Semester One at Massey University (25-26 June). Students will be able to put technology to work to solve the global problems outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Impact Challenge 2018 is hosted by the ecentre -- the enterprise and innovation centre at Massey University, and industry partner PROJECTR. Industry speakers, including change agents and disruptors in New Zealand's technology and innovation space, will feature at the kick off event on Wednesday, the 21 March. The Impact Challenge kick-off event will inspire innovators and problem solvers, and provide important information regarding the challenge.

A live stream of the event will be available at 12:00 here


About the guest speakers

Danu Abeysuriya - RUSH Digital

Danu Abeysuriya is the founder and CTO of Rush Digital, a creative tech studio that uses cutting edge technology to develop innovative solutions.

Danu founded RUSH Digital in 2010. Since then, the studio has swelled up to 50 staff and has worked on over 150 projects with world renowned clients including Google, Microsoft, and Samsung.

On a personal level, Danu is passionate about social equity and fairness.

“I have always been involved in philanthropic and non-profit organisations in poverty alleviation and education. I believe that technology has the power to truly serve humanity and make the world better for everyone.” - Danu Abeysuriya


Jerome Fauryl - Centrality

Jerome Fauryl is currently the executive GM at Centrality, a venture studio which specialises in using blockchain technology. Centrality's vision is to help the world transition into a blockchain enabled future by working with leading innovators in key industries to create a marketplace of applications.

He is one of the most experienced tech leaders in New Zealand, having over 20 years of experience scaling some of NZ’s largest and most successful high growth companies, including Orion Health.

Jerome previously spent 9 years working at Payment Express, building the business up to over $40M in SaaS ARR and processing in excess of $40 billion dollars in payments per annum. He also worked in Japan at an executive search firm specialising in US high tech companies.

And along with that, Jerome is qualified as an outdoor instructor, has twin boys, a wife, and enjoys time with the family by camping and doing adrenaline-based activities.


Luca Mori - Conservation International

Conservation International is a global organisation, with offices in more than 30 countries and projects in many more. While the largest office is in the U.S. (in Arlington, Virginia — near Washington, DC), the majority of CI’s staff work in offices or field sites in locations around the world. This work takes many forms — from coordinating scientific surveys to training local leaders to advocating for sustainable policies at the national and international level. CI staff are dedicated to finding innovative, scalable solutions to the global environmental loss that threatens all life on Earth.

Luca Mori spent two years as an intern with Conservation International in New Zealand, while completing her masters degree in marine science at the University of Auckland, and is now a full-time programme associate for CI NZ and Pacific Islands. Her main job is to support CI works related to the Pacific Oceanscape Programme, especially in Samoa, Cook Islands, Palau, Kiribati and Fiji, to develop and implement national and regional management plans for the conservation of large marine areas. 

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