Startup Toolkit: Governance for Startups

Advisory and governance boards can can be critical to the success of your startup in the early stages. Yet it's important to create an effective board that understands the unique requirements of startups.

Hear from Debra Hall, who is recognised as one of New Zealand's most active and engaged champions of the startup ecosystem. She shares insights on building an advisory board for your startup, and putting the foundations in place for good governance as your venture grows. 

Debra draws on her experience as an engineer in the mining industry, a strategic marketing consultant, a business owner and exited entrepreneur to deliver clarity of thinking and strategic direction to the governance and advisory boards on which she sits. In addition to her board work, she mentors young entrepreneurs, trains aspiring directors of early stage companies, and invests in start up businesses in the high growth / technology space supporting the growth of NZ Inc. Among her many accolades, she was awarded the Angel Association of New Zealand's Arch Angel Award 2017, the highest honour in New Zealand’s angel investment community.

Watch the presentation (video) >> Startup Toolkit: Intro to Governance