Software System Assessment services give you an independent perspective on the technology tools and platforms that will enable you to meet your objectives. 

This one-to-one workshop provides guidance on how to improve software design, technology choices, software tools, development processes, and performance. In particular how to optimise, integrate, scale or meet other requirements for their system to achieve growth of their business.

This will help businesses that have designed and developed their own software solution either for their own use or for sale to other businesses. Companies can get advice on how best to migrate a software system to the cloud and how to get the best performance out of cloud-based solutions, including cloud-based applications, web applications, mobile applications, and embedded software.

Advice on the software design, software architecture, technology, tools and functionality will help companies move to a more efficient software platform. Agile and LEAN methodologies may be recommended and advice given on operation of the software system, e.g. using DevOps techniques. The outcome may be a roadmap for improvement of the software system and associated processes so they are optimised to meet the future requirements of the business and needs for growth.

This workshop is qualified for the NZTE and Callaghan Innovation Regional Business Partner Network Capability Development Voucher Scheme. If eligible, companies can claim a voucher to cover half the cost of the workshop.


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