Refine your business model, explore investment options and validate your market with Sprint Develop.

If your business is in its early stages, Sprint Develop offers ongoing support and guidance. Following on from Sprint Foundation, it’s designed for businesses that have a business model and significant validation, or are getting ready to launch a new venture.


The programme will help you refine your business model, explore strategies for investment and funding, and validate your market. We’ll help you build a team, identify resource gaps, and assist with prototype or MVP development of your product or software, along with customer development. We can even provide workspace and other resources to get you started.

You’ll learn through a mix of facilitated workshops, seminars, individual coaching, mentoring, business strategy sessions, and accountability sessions. We’ll also connect you to Massey University expertise and research. You’ll benefit from membership of the Professional Entrepreneurs Network, giving you access to events, partner benefits, industry experts and professional services.

Sprint Develop will help you:

  • Identify goals relating to sector-specific challenges, sales and marketing

  • Develop prototypes or MVPs

  • Focus on execution and accountability

  • Connect with subject-matter experts and mentors

To be eligible for Sprint Develop you need to:

  • Have a tech focused or tech-enabled business idea or MVP

  • Have a potential market beyond New Zealand

  • Be committed to moving your business idea forward

  • Be a graduate of Sprint Foundation or have a validated product or solution at MVP/prototype stage or beyond

Programme details:

  • The programme is 90 days and past time and flexible. You will meet with an experienced mentor regularly to guide your progress and keep you accountable to plans.

  • Start at any time - this programme is tailored to your individual needs.

  • There is potential for 50% of the cost to be covered by Regional Business Partner Voucher Scheme. Enquire for cost and other details.

  • Participants in the Sprint Develop programme may be invited to join Incubator Services, supported by Callaghan Innovation. Enquire for details on entry criteria.

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