Sprint Global
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sprint Global?

Sprint Global takes tech startups with a working product and a focus on B2B markets, and accelerates their product-market fit by providing access to mentors, sector experts, investors and other resources.

The initial 12 week intensive programme is focussed on achieving product-market fit. Followed by an additional 6 months of ongoing support. Participants in the Sprint Global programme are also given the opportunity to take part in two in-market immersion opportunities. The 2019 cohort attended TechCruch Disrupt in San Francisco. Programme participants will be eligible to apply for various funding options for the in-market experience, with further information on eligibility criteria available soon.

How does Sprint Global differ from other services?

  • Focused on product market fit and building your networks in NZ and beyond.
  • A flexible, highly customised programme that can be completed remotely to suit your needs.
  • International market exposure - you have the option to take part in an in-market immersion opportunity(funding options available).
  • Partnership with key government agencies to provide access to startup-specific resources
  • No fees / no equity — we are able to offer this opportunity through the support of Callaghan Innovation, Massey University and other partners committed to developing New Zealand’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

What is the weekly time commitment for taking part?

12 week intensive:

  • Monthly 2.5 day block workshops
  • Fortnightly 1-2 hour coaching session
  • Week 1-2 hour mentoring session

36 week on-going support:

  • Monthly group mentoring sessions and check ins with your coach

What will I gain from doing Sprint Global?

If you are ready to grow your business locally and internationally, and prepare for investment, Sprint Global is the programme for you.

You’ll access expert advice, mentoring, network connections, working space, startup development courses, seminars, pitching opportunities and introductions to investors.

Does everyone who takes part in Sprint Global get to go to San Francisco?

All participants who successfully complete either Sprint Global Round one and/or two are eligible to participate in the international delegation (self funded). Programme participants will be eligible to apply for various funding options for the in-market experience, with further information on eligibility criteria available soon.

What are the dates of the Programme?

2020 official dates for the programme will be released soon

  • 12th January 2020 - Applications Close
  • 17th February 2020 - Sprint Global 2020 opening course begins

What does it cost to do the programme?

There is no cost to take part in the Sprint Global Programme. However you are responsible for covering your own transport, accommodation and other living costs during this time.

The market immersion trips to Hong Kong and San Francisco are an optional self funded experience. There will be some funding options made available that participants can apply for, with further information on eligibility criteria available soon.

Do you take equity?

We do not take equity in your business or ownership of any IP created during the programme. Your business remains fully in your hands at the end of Sprint Global.

Is the programme full time?

We recommend you commit to your business full time during this period in order to best leverage the experience of the programme. However if you're unable to do so, chat to us about your time requirements, as often the flexible nature of the programme can accommodate these.

All participants are able to access the workspace provided at ecentre 24/7 throughout the programme.

Can I do the programme remotely?

Mostly - Participants are asked to attend the block workshops in person. However your individual coaching and weekly cohort sessions can be done remotely.

What kinds of businesses should apply?

We prefer applications from early stage technology enabled businesses in the B2B or B2B2C markets that have global growth potential. You must be a NZ registered company and have a functional prototype that is ready to engage with the market.

Businesses from the following sectors are of particular interest:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain
  • FinTech
  • HealthTech
  • Justice/Diversity
  • Mobility
  • Privacy/Security
  • Retail
  • Robotics

What is the selection process?

Step One - The first step is completing the online application form on our Sprint Global Page. Please note that applications are reviewed on a first come first served basis, therefore we encourage you to apply early to not miss out.

Step Two - Your application will be reviewed and considered against the following selection criteria:

  • NZ Registered business
  • MVP, prototype or demo for customers
  • Global ambition and potential
  • Defined addressable market
  • Tech-based or tech-enabled
  • Innovation or unfair advantage
  • Preferred: B2B or B2B2C

Step Three - You may be contacted for further information or invited to meet with one of our team for further discussion to ensure the programme is a good fit for you and your venture.

Step Four - All applicants (successful and unsuccessful) will be contacted by the 8th of February via email or phone.

Ecentre supports an inclusive environment where diversity and individual differences are understood, respected, appreciated, and recognised as valuable contributors to innovation. Therefore we will actively seek and support applications from a diverse mix of people for the Sprint Global programme.

How do I apply?

Applications are now open! Apply online here

I don’t have any customers or revenue yet, can I still apply?

Yes! As long as you have a validated business model and a prototype of your product or service ready to go to market, you can apply. Taking part in this programme will help you find your customers and build your revenue streams.

I’m not a Massey Student or current member of ecentre. Does that matter?

No. The Sprint Global programme is open to anyone to apply.

Who is behind Sprint Global?

The Sprint Global programme is designed by ecentre to help develop and nurture entrepreneurial capabilities, and drive new venture creation and economic development for New Zealand. This programme is primarily supported by our foundation partners, Callaghan Innovation and Massey University.