Got Game? Join the Zuru Product Innovation Challenge to reimagine the future of play.   

The Zuru Product Innovation Challenge is your platform to create the next big thing in toys, games and entertainment. This challenge is open to students and organised by the ecentre -- the enterprise and innovation centre at Massey University, with industry partner and award-winning toy company ZURU.

  • Imagine breakthrough games and toys 
  • Connect with industry professionals known for agility and creativity
  • Collaborate with teams 
  • Sharpen up your presentation and pitching skills
  • Win amazing prizes

Who can enter?
This competition is open to all students at Massey University, and University of Auckland. 

Why you should enter?
Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! Plus, you get to mix with industry professionals who are leading the way in  design, development, marketing and manufacturing in the world of toys and product innovation. 

You’ll get to learn, collaborate and have some good times in the process. Plus -- it looks great on your CV!

How do I get involved?

Key Dates
4 April, 11:00am:  Info session, Wonder Room, Massey University
3 May, 1:00pm:  Virtual Toy Factory Tour, SEAT, Level Two, Albany Village
TBA:  Pitch Practice
8 August:  Zuru Challenge Product Pitches

Entry Form and Terms & Conditions


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